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Your DNA blueprint makes you . . . uniquely you! 

We use your genetic code to create a custom wellness plan that addresses your mental, emotional and physical needs.

Have questions about DNA testing? Want to see a sample epigenetic report?

Check out our FAQs here.

Please note that a complementary consultation is recommended prior to booking any service for first-time clients, so we can get you started efficiently and answer any questions you may have about epigenetics, the panels or the testing process. Please contact us via our online form if you need additional scheduling options.

We use the Apeiron ZOH Genetic Test Kit for the most comprehensive DNA results. 

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  • Schedule your complimentary phone or video consultation today.

  • Get actionable insights from your genetic code. Choose from 7 panels!

  • Give your body the building blocks it needs to establish good health.

  • Unlock stuck neuropathways causing emotional and/or physical pain.

  • Master Neurotransmitter Balance!

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